Friday, January 28, 2011

Lehigh Valley Neighbors and Snow

In DC hardly anyone even owns a snow shovel, so during the Blizzard of '03, people were stealing them off of porches and out of garages. There was a run on all things scoop-shaped at Logan Hardware - including garden tools (e.g. rakes, buckets, trowels). No one was saving parking spaces in Glover Park because everyone knows you could lose your life doing that. The federal government was shut down and Metro was only running to underground stations. On a positive note there was an epic snowball fight on the National Mall and the local news finally focused on something other than who was killing who in PG County.

The 10" of snow we got yesterday in Bethlehem was beautiful, but it was a pain in the neck to deal with, even with an awesome new (to me) SUV. Except when you have a team of neighbors to help you clear your driveway and sidewalks with shovels, brooms and a snowblower. And in the Lehigh Valley, most of us have at least one neighbor with a plow on his truck. Mine cleared the whole block before the Bethlehem Public Works trucks made it back a second time. I saw them roll by on our wide street around 3 p.m., awestruck. I did have to dig out the end of the driveway again but I had a smile on my face while I shoveled, because his kids were having an epic snowball fight of their own (complete with snow mounds to hide behind).

How is snow removal going in your neighborhood?


  1. Streets are awful for us still. They did cut a path on one side of the street so cars could get through, at least, and given the snowfall total it was more than I expected.

    One thing I love, though, is neighbors are helping each other out with driveways and sidewalks. We have about 200 feet of sidewalk because we're a corner lot, and it was snowblown by someone down the street and I think I've never even had a conversation with them. So we do pitch in on that stuff.

  2. I looked out my back window yesterday morning and found my next door neighbor in my backyard snow blowing my walk! It's not a public walk way, it's behind my gate. That is good neighborliness!