Sunday, January 23, 2011

LV Beerrun Club Update

Here's an update on the LV Beerrun Club from its founder, Cara:

We are now running every Wednesday night. Except special occasions (holidays, etc), we do the same run each time- Meet in the hall outside Aardvark Sport Center for a 7:30 pm departure, run thru downtown Bethlehem, crossing over the Fahy Bridge to the South side, and returning on the Hill to Hill Bridge (I have to say, after being here 6 months, I'm pretty proud of myself for knowing the names of those bridges! ha!). After the run, we have beers at Brew Works, more accurately, Steel Garden... where we play their Wednesday night Trivia. It's turned out to be so much fun, more than I ever imagined when I started this. There's about 12-15 runners who come occasionally, with a core group of about 6. Recently, BrewWorks started sending out emails promoting us, which has resulted in some new interest. Here are answers to some FAQ:
  • Yes, we run in the snow- the "polar bear group" is smaller, but a few of us do brave the weather. The rest still join for drinks after, even if they don't feel like getting cold and wet! :)
  • No, we don't stop at bars DURING the run. It's run first, drink second.
  • Yes, we would love to have you even if you are faster/ slower/ marathoner/ walker/ whatever. We truly welcome everyone who wants to join us in some outdoor exercise and camaraderie.
  • Yes, we are (FINALLY) on Facebook! This is where announcements, run reminders, schedule changes, etc. may be found. Just search "LV BeerRun Club" on facebook. Our blog is still up and running with the details of what we're about.


  1. After 7 months in the LV, I have no idea where any of those bridges are; how long is this run?

  2. Hey! It would help if the link to their blog wasn't broken. All fixed now. They run for 2.5 miles on both sides of the Lehigh River in Bethlehem.

    As soon as you learn the name, some local will try to throw you off by calling The Fahy Bridge "The New Street Bridge," which is what is was called before. It runs from the bottom of Bethlehem City Hall to the South Side. The Hill to Hill Bridge is on Route 378 (don't worry, there are sidewalks) between the exit for 3rd Ave. and the first light on the South Side.