Monday, January 17, 2011

New Year's Resolution: Get a Hobby - Join an adult soccer league

If you reminisce about your days in tube socks and shin guards, and fondly remember your days of youth or scholastic soccer, LV Out of Shape Soccer or Lehigh Valley Old-Timers Soccer (LVOT) might offer fellowship and the right level of competitive futbol for your interest.

The Out of Shape League has 250+ male and female adult members who split up in teams of 11 and play 2-4 pickup games per week. Some athletes play more than once a week; others drop in occasionally. All games are free unless they are played under the lights (then each player chips in $2). Pickup games range from a "beginners/easy (and those really out-of-shape)" (their words) game about every other week, a game for those over age 38, a monthly intermediate game, and a pickup game for experienced players 2-3 times a week. More skilled players can join competitive teams.

LVOT is a recreational adult league that has offered Over-30 and Over-40 programs since 1988. Currently the League's 14 teams play each Saturday afternoon in the fall and spring. There are ten teams in the Over-40 group that typically plays on Tuesday nights.

Both leagues are welcoming to new participants who play at all levels of the sport. Contact one of the league organizers to find out more.

Do you play in adult soccer league? Is it fun or does it make you long for the days when you could easily bend it like Beckham?

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