Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sam Adams Brew Pub

I picked up the January 19-25 edition of The Mix last night when I was at Bethlehem Brew Works. Inside, there are always photos of local people partying at bars.

Some people look like they're having a great time.

Some might be having too good a time.

Others look like maybe they were caught in the act of doing something or being somewhere with someone they shouldn't be.

This week's The Mix "NightCrawler" featured a page of pictures "On the scene at Sam Adams Brew Pub." There are even more photos online.

I'd never heard of this place, so I did a little research. In case you were wondering like I was, it's located inside the Holiday Inn Lehigh Valley (7736 Adrienne Drive, Breinigsville) - which locals call the Holiday Inn Fogelsville. FYI:

"Join us for a beer at the Samuel Adams Brew Pub at the Holiday Inn Conference Center Lehigh Valley. The Samuel Adams Brew Pub offers plenty of fun, food and drinks, with more than four distinctive Samuel Adams brews and six other top
beers always on tap."

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