Friday, February 11, 2011

New Restaurant Name: Miguel's aka Cafe del Mar aka Stefano's

I've mentioned before that the Lehigh Valley is made up of places that used to be other places. That's what happens when people live in an area for a long time, and landmarks become more important than street names. (Especially when street names are confusing for newcomers - is it Route 191 or Linden Street or Nazareth Pike?)

I read on that a restaurant in Belfast changing its name. That's on Sullivan Trail in Plainfield Township (barely) off the Belfast Road exit of Route 33, between Nazareth and Wind Gap, near Jacobsburg State Park. Natives, is that a fair description?

The restaurant in question was called Stefano's, then when the current owner took over entirely, he called it Cafe del Mar (which means Restaurant of the Sea, which is funny, since there's no water to be seen anywhere near the place), and now he's decided to call in Miguel's.

Whatever the owners decide to call it, it will be known forever as the place that used to be Stefano's and Cafe del Mar. It's just the way we talk here in the LV.

Incidentally, the reader and staffer comments at the end of the story reveal a townie secret... that the Andretti family (of Formula One and IndyCar racing fame) is often spotted eating there. Two readers mentioned seeing Mario, and the last time my mom, our friend Moe, and my BF ate there, we saw Mario's grandson Marco.

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