Sunday, February 13, 2011

Versant Jewelry & Accessories for a last-minute V-Day gift

On my way home from a meeting, I pulled into Versant Jewelry & Accessories (3452 Easton Ave. Bethlehem). I'd seen an ad for the store in Lehigh Valley Marketplace a while back and was intrigued by their tagline ("Lunch with Ted or Indulge at Versant? Sorry Ted."). It would be a great place to pick up a last-minute Valentine's gift. You're welcome.
The store features brand-name and locally-made jewelry and accessories, some fine, some just fun, plus gifts and serious handbags. It's not hard to find, but it's a little off the standard shopping path - Versant is located inside a restored 18th-century farmhouse with a big parking lot on Easton Avenue.
The most well-known product line Versant carries is Pandora, the inexplicably popular Danish charm bracelets and jewelry. The store carries a wide selection of bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings and hundreds of charms. Only three other Valley stores carry the line. If your S.O. already has a Pandora bracelet, you're in like Flynn.

Bags, scarves, and other jewelry lines line the walls of three rooms in the 18th century farmhouse that Versant calls home. Featured designers include Slane & Slane, Elle, and Amy & Owen. Spartina 449's bags in linen and leather are a great alternative to Vera Bradley (a little more sturdy, too). I loved the Amy & Owen stuff (above). Versant also carries some items made by talented local artists.

Spartina 449 display
Kate was a gracious hostess, showing me all the product lines and explaining why she's selected them for Versant. If you're looking for a gift, happen to be in the neighborhood, or want to see some new and exciting styles, Versant's a great place to spend a few minutes (and/or bucks).

P.S. I do love a store with a dog.

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