Wednesday, February 09, 2011

West End weeknight dinner spots

My friend Eileen admits to being a bit geographically challenged when it comes to Allentown. I say we are even, since I am more than a bit geographically-challenged when it comes to the town where she lives, Phillipsburg, NJ. She emailed me because she's headed to a Muhlenberg basketball game soon and wanted to make a night of it - meet up with her fellow fans to do dinner beforehand near campus. She asks: "How far is Cosmopolitan or Sangria from there? Suggestions of somewhere to eat before? Grille 3501? Let me know your two cents." I pointed out that Cosmo and Sangria are less than 20 blocks away from campus, and Grille 3501 or Pistachio's might be closer geographically to school but are even more westerly (read: further from Pburg). All are good eats, though. My friend and former work-neighbor Jill and her pals are big fans of Liberty Street Tavern on Wednesday nights for pizza (but it sounded from Eileen's email that she was looking for more fine dining this time). I still need to get over there some Wednesday. West End readers, please weigh in!


  1. Liberty St. Tavern has excellent pizza, good food an a mind-boggling craft beer selection -- both bottled and on tap.

    Stooges (21st/Liberty) has a nice menu that's a step up from bar food.

    Ringer's Roost (18th/Liberty) is a Muhlenberg alum hang-out with good food and atmosphere.

    And Wert's (18th St. bet Allen/Liberty) is famous for burgers and onion rings/straws. Mmmm.

  2. For a really good pizza, go to Parma Pizza in the Giant strip mall on Tilghman and Cedar Crest. They have amazing stuffed pizzas. Coming from NYC, this is a good recommendation.

    For a decent atmosphere, good martinis and decent food (that you will wait for) go to Pistachios. Or Teppan if you are in the mood for sushi or Hibachi.

    Carrabbas isn't what it used to be, so for some good Italian, head west towards Fogelsville to Paese Mio.

    You can't deny that a late night hamburger from Five Guys isn't awesome. Or even across the way to the reinvented Ruby Tuesdays. Go there for their lobster specials on Tuesdays!

    One of my favorite places for Chinese food is Hunan Springs south on 222 towards Wescosville.

    For good bar food, check out P.J. Whelihan's.

    I've been to Grille 3501 and the food and service is wonderful, but it does break the bank.


  3. I think Mike D got the immediate neighborhood right, though I'd add Bar Cibi is good for italian (at the old Fairgrounds Hotel on 17th and Liberty), and though its a bit to the west of the college, Bamboo is my favorite asian food in the area - heavy on the Japanese/sushi, but everything I've tried there is excellent.

  4. Anonymous2/10/2011

    I live on 19th street and am eat out a lot in the area. My advice is 3501 grille if you wanr great food, you will pay a bit but it is great, whatever you get have the scallion cake as a side!! Other places are Henry's Salt of the Sea, or Bellisimo (13th and Tilghman). For pub fair I think Callaghans is better than Stooges. Also, I have onl heard good things about Liberty St. Tavern. I saw another poster recomended Pistachios but in my own experience I would rather jam a fork in my eyen than eat there. Also, I see no reason to go a chain like Five Guys, Ruby Tuesday, Fridays or any of the others when the burgers are just as good at Callaghans or Wheelihans.