Sunday, March 13, 2011

Best of Lehigh Valley Blogs contest

I am blushing!!

The Morning Call's blog contest is in full swing, and thanks to nominations from anonymous fans (wow - thank you!), LV Transplant has been nominated in multiple categories.

The contest is a great opportunity to highlight some of the Lehigh Valley's very talented (and often very humorous) local bloggers. It's been my pleasure to share content with many of them, meet them in person at Tweetups and other community events, and support their initiatives, fundraisers, and awareness campaigns. If the goal is to improve the quality of life here in Lehigh Valley, I'm for it. Whether they write for fun (like I do), because it's their job to do so, or to support their small business, I am an avid reader, re-tweeter, and follower.

So thanks for your vote of confidence in nominating me. Now's the time to vote! If you need suggestions, please support me and my friends! Thanks very much for your ongoing support. And in case you were curious, there's no cash prize here - just a framed certificate and the right to brag that your blog is loved. << Vote here >>

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