Thursday, March 10, 2011

Keeping up with the latest Lehigh Valley news

How do I keep up with Lehigh Valley happenings? Method #28, since I don't have a lot of time, I use an RSS feed (by way of Google Reader) to aggregate all the online content I like to keep up with. Instead of keeping them as "favorites" in Internet Explorer, I add them to the feed and they automatically deliver content into the feed anytime a blog gets updated. Now you know my secret. That's how I learned about these little tidbits. If you aren't following these blogs, I would recommend that you start today.

Review: Mama Nina Foccaceria from The El Vee
Mama Nina’s Foccaceria is a small setting tucked in a cozy space on Main Street in Bethlehem that, for outsiders looking in, always seems jammed with foodies. Even outside in the summer the diners spill out onto the patio and chow down al fresco. Why does the restaurant always seemed to be packed? Click here for more.

Moravian Book Shop welcomes Retro Deli from Lehigh Valley Food by Kelly Huth @ The Express-Times
Retro Deli replaces Dave's Deli & Gelato. Click here for more.(I stopped in for a sandwich made with Boar's Head meat earlier this week and got a yummy wheatberry salad with it.)

Lamenting Hess’s from Allentown Afterthoughts by Jeff Pooley
The Hess’s lament™ isn’t just Allentown. Aaron Renn, writing in his Urbanophile blog. Click here for more.
(Jim Russell views Generation X as the heartland of Rust Belt Chic. I'm not sure I love the title, but it's true - most people my age are interested in improving cities, not longing for days gone by and/or complaining about how cities are now. BTW Sadly, Jeff's blog is still up but will no longer be updated.)

Sangria is changing things around for Allentown with it’s new celebrity chef Abe Lopez by LV Scene
Foodies take note. Chef Abe Lopez, who earned a first place finish on Food Network’s “Chopped,” has taken the helm of the kitchen at Sangria, the chic streamlined eatery owned by Easton restaurateur George Meieles, who added Sangria to his collection of boutique restaurants last August. Click here for more.
(I have never seen this TV show but celebrity chefs are rarer than people who order a fish whole, so WELCOME ABE to the A.B.E. region!!)

March Happy Hour from Lehigh Valley Running Scene by Jill
The next Runner’s Happy Hour will be taking place on Wednesday, March 30th beginning at 6:00 pm. We will be returning to Brew Works on the Green for $1 drink specials (Flagship Beers, House Wines and Well Drinks) between 6:00-7:00 pm but hope you’ll hang out longer than that. Click here for more.

This is Why I Live Here (Easton), Interviews by Kelly Prentice, Photos by Larry Fink on Laini's Little Guide
They flee from New York City and elsewhere, because they found a warehouse building at a price they couldn’t pass up. Or because Easton reminds them of a place they once knew, long ago and far away. Maybe it’s because their friend Karl Stirner convinced them to come. Or because of its historic charm and the opportunity to create art in seeming anonymity. We talked with four Easton artists about why they moved here. This is what they told us. Click here for more.
(Laini picked me and a few other bloggers you might recognize to be featured in the next Bethlehem guide, so stay tuned!)

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