Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More sports for adults in/near the Lehigh Valley

One of the best way to connect with people when you move to a new area is through shared, physical, and sometimes somewhat unusual (in the Lehigh Valley), interests.

One of my colleagues was doing some research on polo last week. I bet him that there wasn't a polo club in the Lehigh Valley and was right (phew). He discovered a polo club not too far south of the Lehigh Valley in Tinicum Park, PA (Bucks County). Beginning in May, the Tinicum Park Polo Club features a weekly match on Saturday afternoons. Tickets are $5/car. For information about becoming a player on Tinicum Polo Club, contact Club Manager Hesham El-Gharby at (908) 996-3321.

I recently received an email that might interest Lehigh Valley street hockey and roller hockey athletes and fans. Do you know about the Allentown Ball Hockey League? They have an informative web site, and the group is organized by volunteers who make sure hockey lovers can play together year-round. For more information, contact Brian Newton at 610-351-5299 or visit the league's web site for details.

If polo and street hockey aren't your thing, here's a good list of Lehigh Valley sports organizations that help you experience Airsoft, Christian fellowship leagues, Grand Prix, cycling at the Velodrome, karate, and more, right here in the Lehigh Valley.


  1. Anonymous3/22/2011

    One group you missed with this post is the ROC Social club. They run leagues in a bunch of different sports, and its a good level of casual competition. Its a great way to meet people, and you only have to commit to one night a week for a six or seven week season. I would definitely recommend any transplant (or native) check our their web site and try out a league.

  2. You're so right! Since I've mentioned them before a few times I didn't want to beat a dead horse in this post (sorry polo fans).

    ROC has provided activities for people of all athletic interests and capabilities to meet one another for many years. BTW, people: ROC Social Club is not a building with a bowling alley, illegal slot machines and $1 beers. It's an organization founded by one woman - Rochelle ("ROC") - and that hosts events all over the Lehigh Valley.

    Here's the web site: