Thursday, March 31, 2011

Why I Use Twitter

I use Twitter... listen to Lehigh Valley buzz (and tweets). find people who like the same things than I do. Like parades, dogs, local shopping and restaurants, running, cities, music, art... find people who like different things than I do. Like airsoft, knitting and breeding alpacas. engage in an instant dialogue. Like, what is going on in ___ tonight? provide helpful suggestions to people looking for answers. Even if they aren't asking me directly. :) test my ability to keep it short and simple. 140 chars or less. get reader feedback. admit it, you know you don't comment on the blog! give an instant shout-out to local businesses and the people who visit them with me. learn about news as it happens. especially Rt 22 traffic jams and errant signals on Schoenersville Rd. Happy Bday, @Twitter!

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