Monday, April 25, 2011

Four more Lehigh Valley blogs you're probably not reading (yet)

Here are a few more blogs that Lehigh Valley locals and transplants might enjoy.

My West End. Filled with regular announcements about upcoming events (West End Events), features about local businesses ("Go Local!"), and updates about community revitalization efforts (West End News), this blog is a must-read for anyone who lives in Allentown. It's good reading for those of us who don't live in Allentown, because it gives an insider's look at a little-promoted area. Since September 2010 it has been a regular reminder to me to visit the trendy little neighborhood. Whatever I get when I go there (farmer's market goodies, fashionable bags and shoes),I receive compliments and proudly brag that I got it in the West End.

Wine-Know. Local wine guru, fashionista, fitness goddess and real estate and insurance pro by day Eileen Budd authors a little blog I read to stay informed about wine. Her wine tasting events are fun and educational. Through her travels throughout Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and Chile, as well as domestic wine regions, she has earned an appreciation for all kinds of wines. The fact that she doesn't work for one winery or one importer gives her readers an opportunity to learn about wine without worrying about ulterior motives.

I enjoy sharing and exploring wines with others. I often tell people a good
wine is simply one you like. No need to complicate something that can be so
simple. I try not to get too hung up on every detail the experts are telling me,
but I do enjoy cheese and food pairings with wines, and appreciating each wine
and wine region for what it’s best for. Every glass tells a different story, so
sniff, sip and savor, as the story is told.

Another Day in Catasauqua. If you live in or near "Catty," you will especially appreciate Bev's attention to community details (like the history of the borough's Masonic Temple) and interest in exploring local mysteries (e.g. why is Catasauqua Lake in Hanover Township?). She educates us about local cuisine, including Lenten fish dinners, halupkies and ham and dandelion. She's a grandma, a Sunday School Teacher, and local insider who asks herself the same kinds of questions that transplants do:

I have lived in Catasauqua most of my life, except for a small lapse of judgment when I was in West Catasauqua, which is technically Whitehall, which I quite never understood why if it was West Catty is was part of Whitehall Township.

Maria's Farm Country Kitchen. If you are not familiar with the Rodale family or Rodale Press, read this. Then check out the Rodale CEO's blog for information regarding organic living ("10 Non-toxic ways to kill bedbugs"), recipes, and life in general. Maria's advice about talking to your kids about sex, life lessons she tries to share with her daughters, and incorporating wellness into everyday life, is precious. She writes in a voice unlike any other, because her experience is unlike any other. Her blog is read nationwide but locals will recognize her Lehigh Valley references. Like many bloggers (myself included), Maria struggles with typical blog dilemmas, like whether to organize a "stunt," or how to file posts in neat little categories. Her posts about The Art of Living In Balance are posted at my desk at work as a guide and inspiration for enjoying my own life.

On a recent blog chat, local bloggers were asked how many blogs we read. I checked my RSS feed, and I subscribe to 215 blogs (so far). I am sure I'll have lots more recommendations as I go along. Please share your favorites if you don't see them here!

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  1. Wahoo, love the shout-out to Maria's Farm Country Kitchen. :) That IS a great blog! Will check out your other recommendations too!