Monday, April 18, 2011

Four Lehigh Valley blogs you're probably not reading (yet)

You may already know about the cadre of talented (and popular!) bloggers who recently won the Morning Call "My Choice Voice" blog contest. But there are a few other blogs that I enjoy that I thought you might not be reading yet. If you aren't already reading these blogs, add them to your RSS Feed or Favorites ASAP:

The Junk Drawer. Kathy Frederick received national news coverage about her hilarious series of posts about a plastic bag in a tree. And then about a noisy Sun Chips bag. She's one of the best. Her post on experiencing her first ear lavage had me in stitches.

Remember the H. Meghan Loftus, an LV transplanted editor at Rodale Press, treats us to updates on her favorite band's final show, battle with lint, office antics (we used to do this at my old job - I sent a box of cheesy cracker sticks to Derek more than once through interoffice mail), and holiday celebrations that will inspire you to get creative.

Garden in Bethlehem PA. Marie writes about her own garden and gardening events in the Lehigh Valley. This week she wrote about becoming a volunteer for Rodale Institute. Reading her blog reminds me when I should do things like prune rose bushes and de-thatch the lawn. Since 2006 she's been educating me on creeping sedum, composting, and confederate jasmine vine.

The fork city. Erik writes primarily about dining in and around Easton. His blog this week about Olive Garden (which could have been about almost any national chain restaurant) reminds me of the ongoing redevelopment debate: would it be better to have a chain (e.g. KFC) in your struggling downtown than an empty storefront, which is not generating sales tax revenue, employment ops or small town charm? In addition to writing about dining out since 2009, Erik chronologues his own cooking and gardening, and lets us in on the adventures of producing his own charcuterie.

There are so many blogs, so little time, but that's all for today. I'll keep recommending, if you keep reading!


  1. You're probably also not (yet) reading Roads from Emmaus (mine!). :)

  2. Thanks for the kind words about "A Gardem in Bethlehem PA". I found your blog through the "Best Lehigh Valley Blog" contest in the Morning Call. It is enjoyable and fresh and informative even for life-long residents. Happy Gardening!

  3. Father, thanks for commenting! I do indeed read your blog, and enjoyed your recent post about "going local." Nice to see a fellow transplant carrying the torch. :) Keep up the wonderful writing!

    Marie - your blog is awesome! Please remind when I should put my seeds in the ground! What are you planting this year?

  4. Thanks for including The Fork City! I've been doing more of my own cooking lately so the restaurant reviews have tapered off a bit. I'll soon be documenting the home winemaking process in case anyone is interested in getting into the hobby.

    My Olive Garden rant didn't even address the effect these chains have on suburban sprawl and the subsequent reallocation of economic activity. People need to realize that their dining choices affect much more than their own stomachs.

  5. Hey Megan - thanks for the shoutout!

    I had actually read your blog before I met you, but I did not put two and two together until Dana commented on my blog saying you were the LV Transplant writer. Small world!

    Anyway, great job with the blog. I am now following you on Twitter also. :)

  6. Thanks, Meghan! Keep up the entertaining work. :)

  7. Erik - My pleasure. I <3 your blog. Cna't wait to hear about winemaking! Have you signed up for the April 30 Easton cleanup? Let's discuss this "vote with your stomach" concept...