Friday, April 29, 2011

Life in the Valley...with a canine companion

Stella would sign autographs, but she does not have thumbs.

Thanks to everyone who has written such kind words about the May Lehigh Valley Style "Valley Newbie" column. If you haven't picked up the issue yet, or read it online, it's all about life in the Lehigh Valley as a dog owner. In it, I write about the process of adopting a dog through Rogers' Rescues, and my experiences with Stella by my side.

I received the nicest email from a reader with a suggestion of another venue for dog training.

Thanks for sharing your really cool story about you and your newly adopted furry
one in the latest Style mag. I, too, recently adopted a girl, who is my best
friend and most snuggly companion!

Just wanted to suggest that for training, boarding, walking ,and day care that you consider Cole’s K-9, next to Wright’s Animal Hospital in Bethlehem. I love the staff and Linda Cole gets great results training dogs with lots of love and direction. I have completed lots of training there and currently Mollie and I are enjoying an agility class and she gets to go to day care two days a week. Great staff. Great place.
And….they have a swimming pool and a one acre field for training!

Stella's got some Australian shepherd in her, but she hasn't shown any tendency toward agility yet (other than occasionally escaping through a hole in the fence into the neighbors' yard - sorry, neighbors). Maybe with a little training, she could catch 100 frisbees in a minute? Stay tuned!

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  1. Ok, must know, who is the awesome illustrator behind your cute blog images? I love them! :)