Saturday, April 30, 2011

Paranormal activity in the Lehigh Valley

Any area with as much history as the Lehigh Valley does has got to have some paranormal activity... right? But would you believe that the Lehigh Valley has its own paranormal society (like Paranormal State on A&E TV)?

The Eastern Pennsylvania Paranormal Society recently sent this e-mail to my boss:

Hello {my boss' name}, my name is {former employee of previous building owner}. My sister, {insert sister's name}, who works for {insert name of someone I think is supposed to provide reference for this person}, brought to my attention that you recently purchased the {former business name} building on {location} in Bethlehem. As she may or may not have told you, I was an employee...for about a year. In the time I worked there I had a few experiences that I can not explain. I, as well as may former employees, believe that there is some paranormal activity going on. I'm part of a paranormal investigative group called The Eastern Pennsylvania Paranormal
Society. The previous ownership of the building would not allow us to
investigate, which is why I'm writing you this email. We would love the
opportunity to do a full, formal investigation of the club and, especially for
my own sanity, figure out what is really going on there. Please email me back at
your earliest convenience and let me know if this is at all possible. Thank you
for your time.

I have to tell you that in my time working for this company, I have never received an e-mail like this. My day job is pretty business-y and doesn't stray too much into local lore or ghost investigations. So I was pretty intrigued by the request as well as my company's owners' response. The company owners didn't go for it, so we'll never know... but I have spent some late nights in the office recently, and I haven't experienced anything out of the ordinary. But now I'll be more observant.

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  1. Brandon got a similar email because the group thought that Northampton CC owns Allentown State Hospital. Guess they are scouting locations!

    I had a few interesting experiences when we first moved into our house but nothing in a while.