Monday, May 23, 2011

Lehigh Valley Transplants in the news

Catching up on some old reading, I couldn't help notice some stories highlighting... downright CELEBRATING... the contributions and perspectives some Lehigh Valley transplants bring to the region (go, transplants!):

Blanketing with care: Valley volunteers turn out blankets to warm the soul (TMC, April 5, 2011)
A group meets monthly in the community center of a Moore Township housing development, where members unload four weeks' worth of made-at-home contributions — mainly blankets for babies and children, but larger pieces, too. This month's batch brought the total to 5,000, which is pretty impressive for seven years of part-time needlework. The ringmaster of this cheery blanket circus is a chatty and hospitable transplant from New York, Anita Brody. She moved here in 2003 and started the group the following year.

Royal wedding excites Maureen Hillary, a British transplant to Lehigh Valley (ET, April 28, 2011)
Maureen Hillary, of Forks Township... (was) born and raised in Somerset, England, and celebrated the Royal Wedding in style with a British-style brunch.

Bethlehem flush with young women business owners (ET, May 23, 2011)
...many of the retail store owners were inspired to open their stores after seeing the wider variety of brands available in larger cities where they’ve visited or gone to college. Many of the retail stores focus on having brands that aren’t available elsewhere in the region. (Jennifer Mann said this - smart woman.)

The stores:
Apotheca Salon & Boutique
Hair salon and women’s clothing store
101 E. Third St.
Opened June 2010
Owned by Julie Casciano, 29, and Amanda King, 33

The Attic
Vintage clothing store
14 W. Broad St. through June 12, then 516 Main St.
Opened 2009
Owned by Anne Kuronyi, 34

Hair salon
12 W. Fourth St.
Opened October 2007
Owned by Alison Leigh, 36

Hello Burrito
Eatery specializing in wraps and quesadillas
38 W. Broad St.
Opened September 2010
Owned by Rachel Lambdin, 34

Hookah Turka
Hookah bar and Mediterranean café
44 W. Broad St.
Opened March 2010
Owned by Duygu Alkan, 25

Loose Threads Boutique
Women’s clothing store
9 W. Fourth St.
Opened April 2009
Owned by Helene Perrucci, 30, and Laura Jasorka, 27

Women’s clothing store
574 Main St.
Opened September 2010
Owned by Kate Falasca, 25

Women’s shoes and clothing store
530 Main St.
Opened April 2009
Owned by Jennifer A. Mann, 29


  1. Anonymous5/29/2011

    It's great to hear about so many successful (and young) women entrepreneurs. If they can succeed in this economy, they can succeed anytime and anywhere. They will certainly emerge as the next generation of role models for other women interested in entrepreneurship.

    I wonder if they talk with each other about their challenges and victories - they would make an outstanding support/mastermind network.

    Such an inspiration!


  2. They are certainly an inspiration to me. Their partnerships with one another (and rivalries in some cases) are some of the most innovative I've seen in the Lehigh Valley. A few of them have created the live*local program on the south side of Bethlehem. "When you live local, eat local, and shop local, everyone wins."