Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lehigh Valley electronics recycling - where, exactly?

My all-in-one printer has a paper jam problem. Not a death sentence, right?

After a somewhat confusing phone call involving two well-meaning Dell customer service representatives in India, the final verdict is not the news I expected.

My printer is a few years old. So old that the warranty expired a year and a half ago (oops).
Warranties are not available for purchase once the existing warranty expires. And even if it was under warranty, Dell would send me a brand new one instead of replacement parts. But it is expired, so... I need to buy a whole new printer. The good news is, a new one costs less than an extended warranty would have cost. The bad news is, I have to figure out how to throw away this electronic device.

I have heard about electronics recycling, but I've never done it myself, so I did a little internet research. I discovered that Lower Saucon Township is having an electronics recycling EVENT in September, which gives me a little bit of time to get the rest of my old equipment organized and ready for recycling. Here are the details:

Electronics Recycling ProgramNext event: September 24, 2011 ~ 9 am - Noon

WHAT’S ACCEPTED: Computer monitors (CRTs, Plasma & LCD displays); laptop & notebook computers; televisions (standalone, console, wide-screen, projection-screen, CRT, Plasma, LCD); computer systems (CPU Units); computer peripherals (printers, scanners, plotters, copiers); computer accessories (keyboards, mice, speakers, cords, cables); external disk memory & hard disk drives (confidential data destruction available); circuit boards & electronic components/chips; network hubs, modems & routers; photocopiers & multi-use copies (copy, fax, scan, print); telephone telecommunications/switching systems; PDAs, PDA cradles, & other hand held devices; cellular phones & cell phone chargers; toner cartridges (ink jet & laser jet); CDs, DVDs, magnetic tape, car batteries, household batteries, fluorescent lamps.

*NOTE: THERE WILL BE A SMALL FEE CHARGED FOR ALL THESE ITEMS: $1.00 each – answering machine, cell phone, copier, CPU, fax machine, keyboard, laptop, microwave, modem, pager, printer, radio/stereo, telephone. $5.00 each – Monitors $20.00 each – Televisions $0.25 each – Fluorescent lamps

Of course the newer version of the same all-in-one printer I just ordered does not use the same ink cartridges, so I will probably bring those along, too.


  1. FYI: you can recycle cell phones for free at Wegman's... at least the one in Bethlehem, off of 512.

    Thanks for the head's up about this, though, as I have to get rid of a keyboard that I spilled water on. (Because of my cats!) Doesn't work at all after that fiasco.

  2. You can recycle electronics at Best Buy too, no matter where it came from.

  3. Thanks, Deborah! Good idea.

    And actually, when my new printer arrived by mail, it came with instructions on how to return the old one in the box. Very clever, Dell!