Wednesday, September 14, 2011

California transplants roll call

Wow, for those of you natives who read the blog just for fun (I know you know all this stuff and find my discoveries amusing), and think that all transplants are from New Jersey (I kid you not - more than one person has said this to me), I share with you an email I received from a LV Transplant from California.

I just read your article in Lehigh Valley Style and was so grateful that you've paved the way for us transplants. I recently moved here from Berkeley, CA for my husband's job. I am an architect and green building consultant trying to find my place now in the valley. Your article and list of blogs help give me a start to connect with others who have a new perspective and looking to love this new place we want to call home.

I've kept a blog since 2004 when I first studied in Europe. It's gone through ebbs and flows of writing but being in this place and a slower pace of life, I can tell will soon lead to more words and musings. Hope it adds to your collection of transplants to Lehigh and I look forward to joining your tribe.
Roll call: Any other LV transplants from California out there? How is life suiting you here in the northeast? Are you finding the pace any different? Cuisine? Diversity?


  1. Yes, I'm also from Northern California (quite near Berkeley, in nearby Fremont)... I'm enjoying Bethlehem (and the rest of the Lehigh Valley) very much, actually! But I do miss a lot of things that I'm used to.... like dim sum restaurants, outdoor movies, a nearby Asian food market, the ocean, and a Japan town. I'm heading back to California for a week visit, and plan to indulge in all those things!

    I also blog about my local finds in Bethlehem, although they're all more of about natural areas and less about commerce. I really love the change of seasons here... it's truly spectacular!

  2. First off, thanks for posting my email and using your blog to reach out other transplants! From our perspective, its taken us awhile to find an "in" into this community. Because the LV is less transient than it was where we were living in CA, it means social circles may not be as used to people coming and going. Our first weeks here, we joked about walking up to normal looking strangers on the street and asking them if we could grab a dinner together just so we could have some social interaction. But after exploring on our own, finding LV Network of Young Professionals, and meeting friends of friends, we've started to find our place... though we're still totally open to talking to random strangers :)

    The weather here will never compete with CA (and my husband was living in Hermosa Beach so he's definitely missing the dry sunshine) and I'm a bit fearful of the winter. Although I grew up in Kansas, I no longer own shoes that require socks so winter clothes shopping will soon be in order. While there is definitely diversity of cultures, it appears to be separated and segmented. Each community event or festival seems to draw a different crowd and only Musicfest mixes them all together. And I agree with Sheri, dim sum!!

  3. Yes. I'm from Los Angeles and quite frankly I'm having a helluva time adjusting.... And its been 3 years! I miss the food- cheap and delicious Mexican, Thai, Indian... The variety and ease for vegetarians and vegans. The state of the art movie theaters, the museums and all the great outdoor people- watching.

    I am a work at home mom so it is crucial to find appropriately stimulating things for us to do ( or we will both go stir crazy) and I just feel like I'm in a void here. I mean, we love all the artsquest stuff, but beyond that I really feel detached from the things I enjoy.