Friday, September 09, 2011

LVT Reader Mail

I received this kind email today from a magazine reader:
I read your article in the Lehigh Valley Style. My daughter is a sophomore at Moravian College , and I'm always looking for good places to go to when I come down to visit . I'll have to definitely go through the article again and highlight info, so the next time I could surprised her with somewhere neat to go. I ordered this magazine for my sister as well who as lived in Allentown for prob 30 years, and I don't think she knows half of what goes on down there! I think she feels one-upped when I come up with something she didn't know about. Hopefully, with your info, she can tell me a few things that she finds out!
Readers, any suggestions for a college sophomore and her mom? Must-visit places to one-up the Allentown auntie? ;)


  1. Oh! I've been on the sending end of a letter to you, lemme payback the love.

    Totally depends what you and your daughter are interested in! The Sands Casino has some snazzy restaurants you two could get glammed up for.

    Megan's favorite- The Mint, is a total gem, though a bit removed from town. She might not know about it, but it's a tasty and unique restaurant.

    If you wanted to go for a girl's day out to get your nails down, I really like Lux Salon. They have eco-friendly products which means it doesn't smell like a toxic chemical explosion in there.

    I also dig the Civic Theater of Allentown for awesome community supported plays. The building itself is beautiful, the theater is fantastic.

    Hope that helps! :)

  2. This is so cool! I was just at the Sands casino, for the second time for a tech meetup, and it was incredible. Great food, a couple really interesting lounges, and most other things you can think of. You could legitimately have a great time for less than 30 bucks.

  3. Dana, I have still not been to Lux. I walked in once and they said they were booked the entire day. I was impressed but still unpolished. I need to go back!

    Ryan, I do enjoy the restaurants at the Sands, as well as the free live music every night, but the cigarette smoke kills me! Think the casino will ever go smoke-free?