Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dayglow Party at Lehigh University

Sympathies to The Morning Call newsroom, decimated by layoffs. What is written locally is put together by the few brave writers left, and some of the writing is very, very good. Andrew McGill and Spencer Soper are clever and self-deprecating. Reporting by Jenna Portnoy and Arlene Martinez is eloquently researched, written and edited. While I am no news reporter, I admire the hard work of the journalists who make their living covering our community's news. I subscribe to the paper seven days a week, and now also pay extra to read it online, because of their work (and to get a daily update of how bad it things are at Olympus).

But some of the writers...

Susan Gottshall's restaurant reviews are so overly descriptive and sweetly positive that by the time you get to the end, you feel full.
  • On a pizza place in Bethlehem: "Rosanna's cannoli ($2.75) was a sweet treat, indeed, its creamy, rich center fine contrast for the crispy shell. I enjoyed a cup of cappuccino ($3.25) just as much, thanks to its hot froth steaming the aroma of coffee into my olfactory senses."
  • On The Mint, a Bethlehem gastropub with 120+ domestic microbrews on the menu, one of its most distinctive features: "I found The Mint a bit noisy, but, even so, I look forward to watching how this restaurant matures, because it already qualifies for my 'must return' list. Including tax and tip, dinner for two without alcoholic beverages totaled $88."'

Tyrone Richardson writes the newspaper's Retail Watch column. I don't know why, but he seems to be the last to know. I know more than Tyrone does about retail happenings in the Valley, and it's not even my job. It seems like most of his sources are press releases and the business owners themselves. It wouldn't be hard to do a little research or get out of the office more. His predecessor used to slay me with his humor and insider information.

But the one that takes the cake - and the inspiration for this post - is John Moser.

He reviewed the Fuel and Buckcherry concert this summerAnd, he interviewed Hot Chelle Rae when they visited Crocodile Rock recently . In both cases, he sounded like someone's dad writing about his kids' kind of music.

But this weekend's piece about Dayglow, complete with this photo of a girl covered in paint (black and white in the newspaper), took the cake.

"Expect pulsating club music and body paint at Dayglow party... Dayglow, coming to Rauch Fieldhouse at Lehigh University Dec. 3, will be a rave-style party with club music and body paint."

John quotes three hard-hitting news sources: Temple University's online student newspaper, the promoter's press release, and Dayglow's web site.

What I really want to read is his personal review of the event. :)

P.S. Tickets: $45, general admission. $70, VIP. On sale now online. For more information, call 610-333-3987.

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  1. What do you need his personal review for? Let's make it a girl's night and go! :) I'm in!