Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Best deals on Christmas shopping in the Lehigh Valley

Recently, I received a question via Twitter:

@RobRiveraPA: @LVtransplant where are the best deals to go Xmas shopping in
your opinion?

I am probably the worst person to answer this question, since I pretty much don't shop for Christmas gifts. I've given up exchanging gifts with my parents in lieu of a night at the theatre together. This year we're going to Pennsylvania Playhouse in Bethlehem to see "Broadway Christmas Carol." I usually find a couple of things for FH without looking and the rest of my gift giving is consists of one gift exchange with FH's family. I picked FH's cousin who wanted an iTunes gift card, which I got at the pharmacy. Done.

My reply, though, was this:

@RobRiveraPA I like shopping local: downtown Easton, Bethlehem(s). And
getting tix for local events and food from local producers as gifts.

I appreciate the brevity of Twitter Q&A's - gets right to the point. But I still didn't answer the poor guy's question. Any suggestions for great "deals?"

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