Monday, December 12, 2011

Lehigh Valley restaurant blog roundup

How was your weekend? See any camels? I did!

Coffee Shop Month #3: Re-Wired Cafe/Alando's Kenyan Cuisine
from Evans Eats: Lehigh Valley & Beyond by Heather Evans
Heather's quest to explore the area's coffee shops is a lot of fun. And I know most of you have never visited this restaurant or had Kenyan food, so read her blog.

Nights at The Roxyfrom By Gabriella Lee/Lehigh Valley Style
Gabriella gives a history of the independent, second-run, beautiful theater in downtown Northampton. If you haven't been... put it on your 2012 LV Bucket List!

Restaurant Profile: Chimpun Peru Restaurantfrom Lehigh Valley Food by Kelly Huth The Express-Times
See above re: Kenyan food - you probably haven't had this, either. Stop by Chimpun when you're downtown shopping at Boutique Easton, which is open Saturdays until 8.

Bethlehem to get two new Italian restaurantsfrom Lehigh Valley Food by Lynn Olanoff The Express-Times
For those who identify businesses based on what was once there, Molto Pazzo is on Main Street where Olio was after Bonte Wafflerie. Molinari's is where the Lucky Duck Diner and Steel City Bar and Grill were.

Art Museum Cafe Opening Tomorrow!from Allentown Good News by Matthew Tuerk
Everyone's favorite high-end caterer, Karen Hunter, enters the cafe scene and we can FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY get her delicious brown sugar chocolate cookies every day of the week. A Christmas miracle! While you're getting a panini and a cookie, visit the museum shop or even - since you're there - the newly-refurbished art galleries.

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