Tuesday, January 17, 2012

There ain't s**t to do here

Yesterday, I noticed a message on Twitter (a "tweet") that bothered me. Keep in mind that tweets are limited to 140 characters, hence our abbreviated messages.
"@ROBB_EMLB: RT @JayETC_EMLB: Bethlehem's bigger than you would think unfortunately there aint (sic) s**t to do here."

I asked, "What do you like to do?"

He replied, "I'd like for people to throw more parties and better public transportation and more events overall."

(This is the part where I laugh out loud to myself. If there were any more events in the Lehigh Valley we'd have to add another month to the year.)

I asked, "What events have you been to? Do you like music, art, sports? Public trans is just ok. Good city to city."

He replied, "I'm so use (sic) to New York public transportation, that LV's is mediocre, and I've been to some events but they aren't appealing."
I thought right away about LVWithLove and WINK's upcoming prom, the South Side Film Festival, and the Allentown Art Museum's new photography exhibit, "Rock the Valley," and the Art After Hours event this Thursday night celebrating it. All three are accessible using multiple LANTA bus routes.

Anyone have advice for Jay?


  1. advice for Jay? yeah, go back to NYC.

    seriously, this is so typical of NY and NJ transplants; 'there's nothing to do!' and when you ask them what they want to do, they can't answer you.

  2. Anonymous1/17/2012

    Maybe Jay doesn't realize that there is a really big difference in the population of the LV vs NYC? You can't have great public transit without high density. The only areas of high density are the downtowns of A, B, and E. Move to a downtown and you can get between the 3 center cities easily. Next, I'd suggest Jay subscribe to one of the Lehigh Valley magazines or pick up the weekend Morning Call and read the sections on what's happening. There is probably at least 2 or 3 live music events on any given night. Maybe he should join the LV Network of Young Professionals or a local civic/social organization. I think a place is what you make of it and if you want it to be fun and exciting you need to put yourself out there a bit.

  3. He can take a look at my Arts & Entertainment page on the Neighbors of Easton blog:


    It's still in it's larval stages, but it lists who regularly has live music and such.

  4. Anonymous1/19/2012

    Open his eyes and ears and get out of the house?

    When I was 6 years old, I tried pulling the "I'm bored" card on my mother. It worked once, maybe twice. Then she told me to get out of the house and figure it out. Entertaining yourself should be second nature. There's plenty to do in the LV.

  5. I so love Bethlehem! I originally hail from Alpha, NJ, but moved to PA in 1997. There is so much more going on in PA, and even in the small towns. I am thankful that I took that leap of faith and crossed the river forever!

    I now live in Berks County, and there is much to do and see here too! There is public transportation, but definitely not as accessible as in NYC or any other metropolis.

    It shouldn't be expected when all public transportation is geared to profit earnings. Too many here in the burbs have more than one car per household, and the demand is just not there for everyone. Like your blog, thanks for sharing!

  6. There are plenty of events out there -- you just have to put a little effort into finding them. And once you know where to look, the info will come to you, via your facebook feed, twitter stream, inbox, etc. Follow groups like the Network of Young Professionals, Lehigh Valley Style, Lehigh Valley Wine Trail and ArtsQuest and blogs like Lehigh Valley with Love and this one for info on events and happy hours. Sign up for e-newsletters from Discover Lehigh Valley, laini's little pocket guide and It's Happening in Allentown. Subscribe to your local Patch or check out event listings in The Morning Call, Express-Times or Bethlehem Press. Organize outings with your own group of friends to places like the Pig Pen, Lehigh Valley Laser Tag or Sands. Sure, public transportation in the Lehigh Valley isn't comparable to that of NYC, but it IS out there. And if all else fails, rent a party bus or do a Bethlehem bar crawl on foot. You won't have to worry about getting behind the wheel between bars AND you'll work off all those beer and quesadilla calories.