Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Evans Eats: Where to go for Easter meal in the Lehigh Valley?

It's Easter week, and for some, that means lots of cooking and preparing for guests coming in from out of town. Or perhaps, your family likes to go out after church instead.

Heather Evans writes a great foodie blog called Evans Eats, and she posted this question:

I received this post and wanted to pose the question for feedback: 

Do you know of any restaurants doing special Easter meals? My family and I always going to Hotel Bethlehem for a huge Easter buffet after church, but we wanted to see if there are any other restaurants doing anything like that?

Readers, can you recommend any local restaurants with Easter specials?

I'd recommend Vintage Restaurant at the Club at Morgan Hill in Easton (if you can get a reservation at this late date), Manor House Inn in Center Valley (for frog's legs!), deLorenzo's in Easton (if your group loves Italian), or Rios in Nazareth (if your group loves meat, and lots of it). I don't know if they all have a buffet, but they are each offering an Easter meal. Readers, other ideas?

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