Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lehigh Valley Mom Run

There's a group of women forming... as one always does when a woman sees a need and wants to fill it with like-minded people meeting. This one is a group of moms who love to run (or a group of runners who happen to be moms - depending on how you look at it!).

The group's organizer, Christine, emailed me, even after I'd starred Lehigh Valley Running Scene's post about their first meetup:
I love your blog!  I've been a follower since my husband and I moved to the Lehigh Valley in 2008 from NJ.  You've really helped us find fun stuff to do around here.  We also make the 1 hour + trips to Trader Joe's with our giant cooler so that we can stock up on our favorite foods (shrimp gyoza are the best!).  I keep emailing Trader Joe's to ask them when they will be putting a store here in the LV - no luck yet. 
Anyway, I've just started a running club for Lehigh Valley moms called Lehigh Valley Mom Run.  Right now, the plan is to meet every other Sunday at 10 am in Trexler Park for an easy run around the main loop.  We just did our first run this morning and are trying to spread the word.  Can you put some info about our group on your site?  I also have a blog that's connected to the running club. Our next run is on Sunday, July 8, 2012 at 10 a.m.  We meet just inside the main entrance of Trexler Park (the one on Springhouse Road).  Jogging strollers are encouraged but not necessary - moms can also leave the kids with a sitter and join us too. 
Since I will soon be a mom, and recently acquired the Rolls Royce of jogging strollers on Craigslist for a song, I am tempted to go, even just to push a stuffed walrus up and down the hills of Trexler Park. I don't consider myself a runner by any means, though Dana assures me that I am - and there were even a few witnesses to my last major athletic feat, completing a sprint triathlon. But these sound like my kind of moms - active, social, and fanatical about Trader Joe's like I am. See you there?

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  1. You ARE a runner, crazy lady! :) This sounds like a great group, and one you should check out.