Monday, July 30, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Musikfest

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year! If you have never been to Musikfest, make this the year. If you are a seasoned 'Fester, don't worry, there is still plenty of 'Fest on the North Side - 9 stages to be exact. The rumors that Musikfest is all on the South Side are untrue. You can enjoy great shows on both sides of the Lehigh River each of the 10 days of the 'Fest.

Read my past posts about Musikfest to get the real dirt on making the most of your trip.
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Here are the steps I suggest for full 'Fest enjoyment:

1. Plan your trip. Download the Musikfest app for iPhone. If you can't get the app, visit the website. Parking illegally is for tourists. Don't do it. 
2. Wear appropriate footwear and bring a bag you don't mind setting down on the ground. You never know where you'll end up walking/sitting/standing/leaning.
3. Bring at least $20. You can buy tickets with a credit card or cash. Spend it on two mug refills and dinner. Think of your $7 hamburger as a $3 hamburger with a $4 cover charge. 
I'll be posting my plans and/or recommendations when I can... no telling whether the plans will stick!

We have visitors from out of town this weekend, and we've planned an awesome Saturday night on the SteelStacks campus. Here are our picks:

5 p.m.

Call Your MamaMuskifest Cafe
60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's covers
This show's inside the ArtsQuest Center, so - rain or shine! Full disclosure: We may or may not be related to four people in this awesome party band. A great way to set the night off. Get ready to shake it to your favorites and sing along to the songs you know. Free

Sena Ehrhardt
Levitt Pavilion (Americaplatz)
Blues, Soul
If the weather's good, we'll head outside to hear Sena perform at Levitt Pavilion. The crowd is sure to be building as people arrive for the big show at Sands Steel Stage, Sublime with Rome. Free

Trouble City All Stars
TD Bank Community Stage on Air Products Town Square
Indie Rock, Reggae
We saw these guys open for Dr. Dog shortly after the ArtsQuest Center. They are a ton of fun - horns, teenage kids, grooves, dancing, and watching the sun go down as the lights on the blast furnaces go on.  Free

Caravan of Thieves
KNBT Jazz Cabaret Stage at Frank Banko Alehouse Cinemas
Alternative, Folk
As the night winds down, we could head inside to hear Caravan of Thieves play inside at the newest stage - the jazz cabaret inside one of the movie theater. We'll bring our mugs! Free

11:00 p.m.

Late Night Comedy - Headliner: Tommy Pope, host Tyler Rothrock
Musikfest Cafe
If we're still up for some laughs and aren't ready to head home, we'll visit the Musikfest Cafe for a little comedy show! $5

Late Late Night
Drinks and snacks on the South Side could happen... Molinari's, Looper's Grille, Molly's, or The Bookstore... or if it's a clear night, we'll just walk home and finish our mugs on the porch.

What are your plans for Musikfest?

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