Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Lehigh Valley cupcake craze... now introducing Sweet Love Cupcakes in Bethlehem

The Lehigh Valley is one step behind the cupcake trend. While other cities' cupcake craze is beginning to die down, ours is ramping up. Angela Malpedo, founder of Sugarbabe Cupcakes, has been open a few times for a limited audience, and has been active in the community since 2010. She even campaigned for Woman of the Year for the local Leukemia & Lymphoma Society! 

But there's a new cupcake maker in town:

Lynn Olanoff from The Express Times broke the story about Sweet Love Cupcakes' new joint on the South Side of Bethlehem:
The Blue Sky Annex will be opening at 335 S. New St., according to a sign posted in the storefront window. The annex will host “Full of Crepe” crepe stand and “Sweet Love” gourmet cupcakes.
One of the owners has been shucking her cakes at the Campus Square farmers market this season, complete with cupcakes in a plastic cup that you can eat with a spoon. Smart.
They hope to open on August 3, city permits allowing, so that they can take advantage of Bethlehem's First Friday festivities + Musikfest.
Despite making seriously delicious confections, Sweet Love is health-conscious, too; the bakers will make gluten-free and diabetic-friendly products for anyone who asks. They also offer "adults-only" cupcakes, alcohol-infused (Bailey's anyone? Yum.) just for grown-ups.
Even though the shop hasn't opened yet, they've already launched their first community initiative:
Sweet Love is committed to community involvement and has created a volunteer program to support this mission. On this site consumers may purchase a single Jumbo cupcake gift wrapped in a decorative box for $7.00. With this purchase, a local volunteer will deliver the gift box to an elderly resident in our community currently in assisted living that no longer receives visits. The volunteer will visit for one hour and continue the visits for as long as possible. Sweet Love believes we have a lot to learn from the people who came before us. We have found that the value is twofold which is evident when we see the joy in their eyes as they recall the past. The therapeutic value of sharing our time and our experiences is far beyond measure, it is the best "Sweet Love" we have to give. Our hope at Sweet Love is to decrease the high statistical number of people in residential care who no longer receive visits, and to share in the “Old School” way of learning through storytelling.
(They'll make the cupcake diabetes-friendly if the resident requests it.) Best wishes for a successful opening, and many years of satisfying sweet tooths (teeth?) in Bethlehem.  

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