Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Single Runners Wanted

Thanks to Lehigh Valley Road Runners and Lehigh Valley Running Scene for the heads up about this fun event. You still have plenty of time to train for the Mixed Doubles Couples Relay on Sept. 12 in Lehigh Valley Parkway. That Wednesday evening, the Lehigh Valley Road Runners will conduct the area's first couples' relay race. Dubbed the "Mixed Doubles 10K Relay," the event will consist of men running 5K, followed by their partners running a 5K. BYO partner or "pick up" one the day of the event.

To wit: "For runners without race partners, the Mixed Doubles Relay will include a Singles Bar near the registration tables. Here you can meet likely partners, perhaps enhancing your pick-up potential by strutting your stuff, bearing flowers, offering cash bonuses, or whatever other strategies you deem appropriate."

For more details, visit the LVRR web site.

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