Thursday, November 15, 2012

Revealing My Sources, Part II

The #1 Question I'm asked about this blog is: How do I meet people? The #2 Question is: How do you know about all this cool stuff? 

In this blog post, I will reveal another one of the many sources I go to for information about what's happening, new businesses, and ideas for blog postings. The Morning Call's Go Guide, a weekly insert in the Thursday print edition of the regional newspaper, is a "to do list" for your weekend. Beyond merely listing what's happening (though the section does this in great detail, featuring events and activities in many categories), it highlights the good stuff, and once again, look to the section's ads for more detail. 

Here's part of today's cover. It's a tabloid size. 

The first two pages always include Go Picks, which are often big, new and special. This week's edition highlighted the Lehigh Valley's wine trail and holiday performances at SteelStacks.

There's always a restaurant review. Be sure to keep an eye out for a review if you are planning to go to a new restaurant. The writer gives a candid (but always positive) review of the restaurant, and recommends dishes. It's also useful for an unexpected reason: if a restaurant is highlighted in Thursday's Go Guide, you can bet it will be busier than usual the following Friday and Saturday nights. So make a reservation, or you'll be stuck in line at Olive Garden instead.

Finally, here are two ads for Baum School of Art classes for Children & Teens (now that fall sports are over and your kids are making you crazy inside the house), and a fall chocolate festival at The Brew Works. I included a column of the Go Guide's events below to give you an idea of some of the categories of programs they catalog each week: Christmas, Dance, Film, Kids, Music... and lots more. 

If you are not a Morning Call subscriber, maybe you turn to's Entertainment Guide. It is thorough, too. But if you subscribe to the paper on Saturday and Sunday as I do, you will likely be offered Thursday and Friday home delivery for free. And then you'll know what's going on, every week, before it's Friday night and do the same old thing. 

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