Thursday, January 10, 2013

Run on the Canal Towpath in Bethlehem

This Sunday, the weather was mild and I’d just fed and put the baby down for a nap. Stella shot me a hopeful look and I concurred: it was time for a good run. We geared up: me: running shoes, warm running socks, moisture wicking pants and hooded long-sleeved jacket with a hole in the pocket for headphones, a new sports bra, gloves, ear warming headband – all purchased at Aardvark Running Store on Main Street in Bethlehem. IPhone for music (Pandora Alternative Endurance Training station) and emergencies, Garmin watch. Stella: harness, hands-free leash (attaches to a strap around my waist), poop bags. No, I do not have booties or a sweater for her… that would be excessive. J
“We’re” training for “our” first 10K, though on Super Bowl Sunday, I’ll be running without my furry companion. The race, organized by Lehigh Valley Road Runners, is already sold out. I will be one of 500 people running on the Lehigh Parkway, just four months after giving birth and two years after a scary bout with pericarditis that sidelined me from competing in the LBI Sprint Triathlon.

I deposited her in the back of my SUV for the ride to the entrance to Sand Island. There, we pick up the towpath and get going. I underestimated how much mud and snow we’d find on the path. Not to worry, Stella’s tongue is hanging out, her curly tail salutes the sky. She’s nudging the leash – let’s go, Mom. A half an hour later we are in Freemansburg – I can see the Hogar Crea building across the canal – and the path is now completely covered. I’m holding the leash to keep her from pulling me on the hard, icy snow. “That’s enough,” I say to Stella, and we turn back. It’s quiet, just a few other friendly bikers and runners and dog walkers hardily navigating the trail today. Every four minutes and one minute, the watch beeps a countdown: get ready for the next interval. Our feet make rhythmic squishing sounds every muddy step. We are covered in mud and if I had a tail, I’d wag it, too. 

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  1. Thank you for introducing me to Pandora's Alternative Endurance Training Station! I wish you the best on your upcoming race!