Monday, January 14, 2013

“You have a baby! In a bar!” Trapp Door, The Mint and Two Rivers Brewing Company

In themovie “Sweet Home Alabama,” Reese Witherspoon’s character gawks at an old highschool acquaintance and remarks, “You have a baby! In a bar!” I sometimes feellike that acquaintance when we roll up to a restaurant with our kid strappedinto her car seat. Yes – on a Friday night, there might be women in designerboots and sparkly tops and guys in trendy jeans sporting hipster glasses andfedoras. But on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, we think taking our baby to abar is just fine.

We firsttook her to The Mint, and found we weren’t the only parents who brought theirkids for lunch. No, there aren’t any chicken fingers on the menu. But forparents who are introducing their kids to new foods, there’s nothing liketruffle mac and cheese, mussels and frites, and baseball steak. Ours is stillnursing, so she’ll taste the post-digested version in a few hours. 

Over NewYear’s weekend we checked out two “new” places with our munchkin in tow: theTrapp Door for brunch and Two Rivers Brewing Company. We hadn’t been to theTrapp Door since it changed owners and names (from Tap & Table). It’s stillbeautiful inside, and the brunch menu was fantastic. There were a few othertables full of foodies enjoying bloody marys and beer with their eggs. I had abeautiful frittata with spinach and goat cheese, served with potatoes, and Iordered a crisp cider to go with it. The restaurant’s hot sauce bar ismarvelous. And the service was really great. We remembered that the last timewe visited, the parking lot was completely snowed over and icy, and it was thistime, too (has it never melted since? Like the South Pole? Is that a joke abouthow far Macungie is from civilization?). The baby had fun watching everyone andwas sound asleep by the time we left. 

The following day, we drove to Easton tocheck out Two Rivers Brewing Company. You may have heard about this place. Itis so hipster Easton. If you like Porter’s and Black and Blue, this place issimilar in vibe but has the novelty factor and the benefit of gorgeousarchitectural details and. Terrazzo floor, tin ceilings, huge windows. When wearrived, every seat at the bar was taken, with townie types and city hipsters,already claiming “regular” status at a place that’s been open a few weeks. Thedining room was empty except for a family with two grade school-aged boys.Though the lunch menu was limited to only seven items, we each found somethingwe liked. I ordered the short rib poutine, served with cheese curds (first timeI’ve seen those on a LV menu!). My MIL had a black bean burger. We each enjoyeda craft brew on tap and were impressed by the prompt service. 

I thought aboutthe relatively empty dining rooms at both of these places and wondered, is thiswhat Red Robin looks like right now? Is Applebees mostly empty? Does arestaurant have to be a chain to be considered family friendly? And what abouta place makes it family friendly? We thought both places were friendly enoughto bring our three-month-old and we’ll be back again.

Two Rivers

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