Monday, February 11, 2013

Lehigh Valley IronPigs

In all my time writing this blog, I have only mentioned the Lehigh Valley IronPigs once, which surprised me when I checked. By no means are we 72 home-game-season-ticket-hardcore fans, but we end up going to about a half dozen games every year, in some combination of group outings on the picnic patio, private suite gatherings, and to hear my MIL sing the National Anthem with her choral group.
I really enjoy going to games. I liked going to Washington Nationals games at RFK Stadium when the team first moved to DC. Now that team has a fancy stadium in Anacostia which we hope to visit this summer while we’re in the city visiting Holly & Steve. My husband and his friend Alan go to Orioles games a few times a year. “We” are Phillies fans, and so is my dad. When the Iron Pigs moved to the Valley, we were excited to have our own team.  I can’t wait to take Ellen to her first baseball game this summer. Do you think they sell baseball caps small enough for a 9-month old? How's that paragraph for a stream of random baseball thoughts?

The point of this blog: I saw some interesting statistics today that I thought might impress even the most casual ‘Pigs fan:
Attendance at Coca-Cola Park topped 688,000 last year, which puts the Iron Pigs ahead of Penn State Football (677K), the Philadelphia 76ers (577K), the Philadelphia Eagles (553K) and every single other minor league baseball team in the country. This year, the team will host the Minor League Baseball World Series.


  1. Glad to hear the minor league baseball games are well attended here. I just moved from Round Rock, TX and they had a great minor league team there as well (owned by Nolan Ryan).
    Also, thanks for posting this blog. I just discovered your site and have already found several useful entries. The "fastnacht" thing for example.

  2. Natives take their fastnachts very seriously! And also their baseball, apparently! Hope you enjoy a game or two this year. Tickets seem to be easiest to get early in the season.