Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Yianni’s Taverna

There are a few restaurants in the Lehigh Valley that I consider to be “on the way” to other places. They aren’t really near anything I go to, but they are halfway to one place or another or centrally located enough that it doesn’t take most people more than 15 minutes to get there from anywhere else in the Lehigh Valley.
Yianni’sTaverna (3760 Old Philadelphia Pike  Bethlehem) is one of those places for me. (Cactus Blue is another one.) It’s located on the side of South Mountain, just off Route 378/Broadway/Old Bethlehem Pike, on the way from Bethlehem to Saucon Valley or vice-versa.
The beauty of Yianni’s is that it is casual enough for a friend-lunch, formal enough for a business lunch, ethnic enough to impress foodie types but not inaccessible for picky eaters, and trendy enough for a post-work cocktail. Service is reliably good and quick. The dining room is rarely full. And you never know who’ll you see lunching there… as I did last week. (Laura Bennett!)

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