Monday, July 01, 2013

Bye-Bye, Google Reader

For seven years, I have relied on Google Reader to keep track of all the web sites and blogs that I want to read.

Then, it dumped me. Us. All of us.

I've moved on, to The Old Reader, because I'm nostalgic and read blogs on a desktop computer most of the time. It still hurts.

But while I'm exporting and importing and getting used to the new/old platform, I am also saving and printing my favorite, or "starred" posts, which will not make the trip. I thought I'd share a few with you while I was at it! Enjoy!

Billy's Downtown Diner, Mama Nina's owners opening new Bethlehem restaurants

The restaurateurs are both opening new restaurants on Bethlehem's Linden Street.

The Big Secret No One Tells You

by guest blogger Renee James. As a former colleague of mine used to say—and I mean this in the kindest way to every recent graduate reading this column—"Listen to me very carefully." What you don't know about life, the workplace, relationships and love is a lot...

Renee James - THE ORIGINAL - writers like her have inspired me to write, and write better, from the heart. Her Morning Call columns were the first Lehigh Valley blog posts IMHO.

New Hookah Lounge Gets Planning Commission Approval


  1. I just switched to The Old Reader, too, but I feel I've far from mastered it and I couldn't get some of the websites I had in Google Reader to load there, like Bethlehem Patch for example. I miss Google Reader!

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