Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Mesa Modern Mexican

I was complaining to my friend Allison that I ‘never’ get to Easton anymore (which is an exaggeration, but it inspired her to invite me to lunch so – yay). I had heard and read about Mesa Modern Mexican (42 S. 3rd St., Easton) but had not yet visited. I figured it would be worth checking out, judging by the owners’ other properties – you might have heard of them – the former Pacifico in the Promenade Shops and Tapas on Main in Bethlehem.

It was a random Tuesday at lunchtime and not great weather. If it had been, it would have been fun to hang out on the patio and people-watch. No Lehigh Valley city has better people-watching than Easton! When I arrived, Allison was already seated, which was a good thing, since the place was filling up unexpectedly fast. By this I mean, Sette Luna, Sogo, River Grille and Maxim’s 22 are also within walking distance of Centre Square and everyone already knows they serve a fabulous lunch. It wasn’t a seriously businessy scene. It was totally normal looking people who might have read a review in The Morning Call or something… or maybe… this place already has regulars? Am I that out of the loop or does this place catch on that fast? There were already 10 Yelp reviews posted, 8 of which were positive.Our server was great, also sort of a surprise (what restaurant puts good servers on Tuesday lunch shift?).

I ordered a lunch special – a salad and soft tacos withtilapia. The special was a perfect lunch portion and cost just $9.95. The next time I go back, I want to hang out at that beautiful bar and sample tequilas (a special feature). There’s also a small private room with glass that would be perfect for a small party or business function.

Call to make a reservation… you might need it! 610-829-2101

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