Monday, July 15, 2013

Pistachio Bar & Grille

Erin and I started our respective jobs at the same time. Maybe even on the same day. We had lunch two years ago shortly after we both started, and have bumped into each other a few times since then. I knew our roles were similar and I wondered what she was up to. I used our workiversary as an excuse to call her up and invite her to lunch. It turned out she is in the middle of two web site redesigns, something I did with Altitude Marketing a year ago. I consider that achievement my “first” child since it took 9 months to finish it.

We had planned to meet at Asia, a restaurant known for great Peking duck and serious Asian cuisine. Luckily, Erin checked, and it was closed for vacation when we wanted to go. She suggested Pistachio Bar & Grille (Allentown)I had always found it to be a little dark and expensive for what you get. Erin says she always orders the same thing, a practice which I don’t disagree about… there are definitely dishes that I order over and over again and never apologize for doing so. When you find something you like and can’t get it anywhere else, get it while you can and enjoy every bite. I feel the same way about Mayanminirittos with pork at Tulum. But I digress!

We were served bread and olive oil at the table – sweet, carbs. I ordered the gazpacho, which to my surprise, was served in a wine glass! Cute, and also delicious. I also had the grilled veggie wrap, which was pretty standard but tasty. 

The Yelp reviews were awful. You can read them for yourself. I’d say this place is a decent option for anyone who wants to meet someone south of Route 22 for lunch or cocktails, and maybe wants to run some other errands while they’re in the neighborhood. Very convenient to a good Wine & Spirits Shoppe and Weis Market… and Menchie’s FroYo… just sayin’.

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