Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Reader Letter

I recently received this email: 

I was recommended your blog and wanted to ask a question of you-
First of all , I recently moved my 22 year old daughter to Emmaus PA.
She was home for Labor day weekend, to Michigan.  She confessed how very difficult it has been to meet young people.  Her work seems to be mostly married folks, or at least 10 years her elder.  She has a boyfriend, long distance, loves to go running, and is very active.  She is working a lot of hours, and has a quiet life at this time.
Any ideas I can pass on to her for how to meet folks, outside of work in the Lehigh area?  Just tying to get her some ideas- Thanks for your time, love your blog-just sent it to her to catch up.


I confess, I outsourced my reply to a fellow Michigan native-turned Lehigh Valley transplant-turned Michigan boomerang, and will post her reply shortly. But readers - any suggestions? And hey - early 20-something female readers - want to meet her? 


  1. I don't meet the age demographic, but if this girl likes to run, then she should join the Lehigh Valley Road Runners. They do so many group runs throughout the week that she should be able to find a few to work around her schedule.

  2. She should consider spending time in -- or even moving to -- a walkable, bike-friendly and jogging-friendly neighborhood, where it's possible to meet new young professionals while doing things that don't require getting in an automobile and driving somewhere. Community volunteer projects, and events like film screenings near the Muhlenberg College and Lehigh University campuses, are also great ways to meet like-minded folks. Not to sound salespitchy, but one of the things I learned while moving to the Lehigh Valley was that the college-town experience doesn't end with the diploma.

  3. Anonymous10/18/2013

    She should try the MeetUp website. There are quite a few meet-ups geared toward young professionals.