Thursday, December 17, 2015

Where can I go for lunch on a Monday in Bethlehem?

Where can I go for lunch on a Monday in Bethlehem? I have asked myself this a number of times and usually end up at Bethlehem Brew Works. But I had a meeting with a new friend recently and wanted to switch it up. So I did a little research and discovered some others. I thought you might be looking for options, too.

South Side... 
Full of Crepe - Bring your foodie friend, and not one that's on a diet this week. The food is delicious and cooked with love. You can even get your crepe to go and take a walk on the South Bethlehem greenway. Lots of Lehigh students frequent this place, so get there a few minutes before noon to beat the rush.

West Side...
Black Forest Deli - Bring your friend who wants to network. Great chatter hear from the owners and their regulars, many of them small business owners. Russian specialties as well as the traditional deli fare and some inventive salads, plus the full complement of A-Treat beverages

North Side... 
People's Kitchen - Bring your hipster friend. A tiny diner full of townies wearing slouchy knit beanies... year round. Limited menu because everything is made to order. Open for breakfast, too.

Billy's Downtown Diner - Bring your friend who knows everyone; everyone who wants to be seen is there for lunch when Apollo is closed.

The Bayou - Bring your business meeting and again, not somebody who doesn't really enjoy food. If they originate from the South, you'll get their take on the Bayou's fried chicken and hush puppies.

On Main Street...
Bethlehem Brew Works - Bring anyone. Come one, come all. Except during Christmas time, when the waits at all restaurants on Main Street can be outrageous.

Tapas on Main/Cachette - Bring your cosmopolitan friend or friend who is a picky eater. You can order from either menu, regardless of where you are sitting. If one of you is in the mood for French, and the other for Spanish, you're both happy. Cool bathroom, too. Great place for Main Street people watching in mild weather.

Do you have a Monday lunch place in Bethlehem that you adore?

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